Regional Plan of Action 2.0

As the commitments in the RPOA 1.0 are implemented, the CT6 and partners anticipate achieving tangible and measurable improvements in the health of the CT marine and coastal ecosystems, in the status of the CT fisheries, and in the food security and well-being of the communities which depend on them10. To further support such improvements, the purpose of the RPOA 2.0 is to focus and align regional collaboration11 in support of outcomes that will be considered beneficiary by the country leadership in the next five years for 2020 to 2025, and is focused to allow for relevant, feasible, and measurable impacts.

2025 Objective A

The ability of the coastal and marine ecosystems to cope with impacts of climate change



A1: Coral reefs


A2: Mangrove forests and seagrass beds


A3: Endangered species


A4: Fish stocks

2025 Objective B

The ability of the coastal communities to cope with impacts of climate change



B1: Food security


B2: Coastal livelihoods